The Cavafy Symposium

Constantine Cavafy
Constantine Cavafy is arguably the best-known Greek in modern world literature, and perhaps the most famous member of the Greek diaspora- he lived nearly all his life in Alexandria, Egypt. 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of Cavafy's birth, and we will celebrate his life and work The University of New South Wales is hosting an open forum before an international panel of experts, to discuss his work and its importance. Guests include professors from Europe, North America and Australia. Members of the general public and the Greek community are invited to participate.

Hosted by the University of New South Wales


Sdentia Building,
University of NSW Kensington

The Little Robot

The Little Robot

A Musical Comedy for Kids and the Young at Heart Performed by the Hellenic Arts Theatre's Youth Group, directed by Stavros Economides, with original music by Dimitris Fotiadis. A group of protesting students are fed up with school, homework, exams etc., until Ti-Fi, a little robot from outer space, comes into their lives. They see him as a solution to all their problems. He is willing to help them, but the children take it too far. Ti-Fi is abducted by secret agents and the kids set outto get him back. Ti-Fi teaches them important lessons that will change their lives forever.

24/5/2013 7pm
25/5/2013 5pm
26/5/2013 5pm

Mantouridion Greek Theatre
Greek Cultural Centre,
Building 36, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville
Cost $15
Evelyn 0413989007
Melpo  95198104
Language Greek


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