Hellenic Historical & Cultural Centre of NSW

About Our Historical Centre

The Greek Historical/Cultural Centre has now been officially established. Such centres have been established by other minorities in NSW-Italian, Israeli and others. In the 21st Century it is imperative that all events that have signaled the presence of the Greek Community in NSW be made accountable to its people and be fully coordinated. Small or Grand, significant or insignificant courageous or otherwise, they are all ours. It is the Hellenes in NSW that have created what the circumstances allowed us to do, following the traditions of Greeks everywhere in the world, since the ancient times to the present. It is necessary to register the presence and the contributions of the Greeks, not only because of the various organisations, but also of the individuals. What is important is the inheritance that we are going to leave behind for the next generation to our second country Australia, and to the ideas and concepts of Hellenism.