Child Care Policies

General Centre Information

Service Aim, Mission Statement and Goals
Service Philosophy
Code of Conduct
Code of Ethics
Service Information
Open Doors Policy

Management Policies

Access to Individual Children's Records Policy
Assessment and Rating under National Quality Standards Policy
Determining Educational Leader Policy
Determining Responsible Person Policy
Educators and other Staff Orientation Policy
Enrolment & Orientation Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy
Fees Policy
Management Participation Policy
Policy and Procedure Review Policy
Privacy, Security and Confidentiality Policy
Recruitment of Educators and other Staff Policy
Visitors to the Education and Care Service Procedure
Volunteers Student and Visitors Policy

Children Policies

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorizations
Access Policy
Anaphylaxis Guidelines for Children's Services 2007 DoCS
Arrival and Departure Policy
Behaviour Management Record
Biting Policy
Checking the Premises for Children at the End of the Day Policy
Child Health Policy
Child Orientation Policy
Child Protection Policy
Clothing Policy
Comfortable Sleep/Rest for Children over Two Policy
Continuity of Care Policy
Death of a Child Policy
Guiding Children's Behaviour Policy
Head Lice Policy
Interactions and Relationships with Children Policy
Nappy Change and Toileting Policy
Priority of Access Policy
Protective Behaviours Policy
Safe Sleeping for Under Two's Policy
Severe Allergy Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Supervision of Children Policy
Uncollected Child Policy
Water Safety Policy
Family Law and Access Policy
Handling Complaint Procedure
Parent/Guardian Communication Policy
Parent/Guardian Complaint Grievance Policy
Parent/Guardian and Family Involvement Policy
Parent/Guardian Feedback Template

Development and Education Policies

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy
Anti Bias Policy
Determining Educational Leader Policy
Development and Educational Policy
Excursion Policy
Excursion Risk Assessment
Excursion Risk Plan
Gender Bias Policy
Guns and Super Hero Policy
Inclusion Policy
Multicultural Policy
Program Policy
Routine and Transition Policy
Show and Tell Policy
Transition Between Rooms Policy
Transition to School Policy
Treatment of Children with Additional Needs Policy
TV and DVD Policy

Health & Hygiene Policies

4 Year Immunization Poster
Accident and Illness Prevention Policy
Asthma Action Plan
Asthma First Aid Chart
Asthma Policy
Bathroom Procedures
Child and Educators/Staff Immunization Policy
Dental Health Policy
Food Preparation Policy
Food Safety and Hygiene Policy
Food Storage Policy
Hand Washing Policy
Hand Washing Procedure
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, AIDS Virus Policy
Incident, Injury, Trauma  and Illness Form
Incident, Injury, Trauma  and Illness Policy
Infectious Diseases Policy
Managing a Child with Acute fever Policy
Medical Conditions Policy
Medication Form
Medication Policy
Nose Wiping Policy
Notifiable Disease Policy
NSW Immunization Schedule
Nutrition/Food/Beverages/Dietary Policy
Pest Control Policy
Pet Policy
Procedure Regarding Modifiable Diseases
Staying Healthy in Childcare
Toileting Accident Procedure
Understanding Childhood Immunization
Vaccination for our Mob
Vomiting Procedure
Daily Kitchen Checklist 1
Weekly Kitchen Checklist 2

Staff Policies

Code of Conduct
Confidentiality Policy
Determining Responsible Person Policy
Educator Staff Dress Code Policy
Educator Staff Grievance Policy
Educator Staff Meeting Policy
Educator Staff Returning after a period of extended leave Policy
Ethical Conduct Policy
Illicit Drug, Alcohol & Illegal Substances Abuse Policy
Partnership with Family Policy
Personal Hygiene Policy
Professional Development and Training Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Appraisal
Staff to Staff Interaction Policy
Use of Computer and Email Policy

Work Health and Safety Policies

A Risk Management Approach - Fact Sheet
Biting and Stings - Kid safe Fact Sheets
Bush Fire Policy
Compliance Checklist - NSW Work Cover
Dental Accidents Policy
Emergency and Evacuation Procedures Policy
Equipment Policy
Fall Zone - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Hazardous Plants Policy
Home Safety Checklist - CHW
Home Safety Checklist - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Indoor Safety Checklist
Injury Management Policy - AVAILABLE SHORTLY
Kids & Poisons - Brochure CHW
Lockdown Policy
Maintenance of Buildings Policy
Minimizing the use of Toxic Products and Other Potentially Dangerous Products Policy
Mounds For Play - Kid safe Factsheet
Non Fixed or Mobile Equipment - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Non Fixed or Mobile Equipment Safety Checklist 2011 - Kid safe
Outdoor Safety Checklist
Poisonous or Harmful Plants - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Road Safety Policy
Sandpits - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Sandpit Policy
Serious About Safe Business -  Work Cover NSW Fact Sheets
Toy Safety  - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Trampolines - Kid safe Fact Sheet
Use and Storage of Dangerous Goods Policy
Water Safety Policy
Work Health and Safety Policy  -AVAILABLE  SHORTLY